Friday, January 30, 2009

God Damn It, Gillian!

Today's post was promised to Gillian who has requested I put something up for Christ's sake! (I take the lord's name in vain a lot.)

I have been pretty bad about posting but I would like to blame that on the constant stream of Gmail Chats that keep me from killing myself during my work day. Really, Gmail Chat sessions should be considered necessary by my employers and not time theft.

Lots to update briefly!

First - OMG. Was my last post a little sad and melodramatic? I can't tell. I reread it and am cringing even though I stand by everything I wrote. I just hope I didn't verge into teen angst territory.

Second - Holy hell I hate my job. I guess that isn't so much an update as it is a statement of fact.

Third - Gillian, also known as "The Instigator" has convinced me that what my life is missing is kickball. Let the record show that Gillian is sure that MY life is missing it and that hers is not part of that equation at all. However, I think that her life is missing cheerleading me through kickball. Thus, I am holding her to our pizza parlor pow-wow (also known as Jesse's Temporary Farewell party). Gillian, since I know you will be reading this post, you have to attend AT LEAST 4 of my 8 games.

After agreeing to kickball I realized that I have never participated in a team sport. Ever. Running doesn't count. From what I've been told, the only thing I really need to brush up on is my shittalking skills. Luckily I feel pretty confident about those.

Fourth - I am going to run a motherfucking marathon! I think that 26.2 miles deserves some serious swear words. I am doiong it through Teams in Training which you can read about here: . While you're there give me some money! I have to raise $4,100 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society before the event. It's kind of a daunting goal but I am willing to whore it up for anything that goes towards cancer research and patient support.

Fifth - It's cold in my office which is odd because it's hell here. Go figure.

Ok, that's it. Have to work.

Jesse - if you happen to come across this post - Peaches and Bears!


Gillian said...

Wow - I'm cursed - AND it was directed at me. Wow - I feel special. I'd like to add that I will be tap dancing during some of your games...maybe I'll tap cheer or something when I do cheer.

Jesse said...