Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My current rage is making me want to make regrettable decisions.

Thank you work for making this day stellar! Thank you work for not making a donation to my marathon despite doling out a grand to my coworker. Thank you work for acknowledging the NEWEST employee for her administrative help on this fine fucking ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT'S DAY.

Fuck you work. Fuck you and your constant determination in making me want to throw myself in front of one of the moving trains that go past my bedroom window.

While I don't want to identify myself as an admin, the sad fact in this job is that I am. Bottom of the totem pole. An intern is getting offered a position here and something tells me they will make more than me.

So, is it wrong to want one day of appreciation? Especially since the last two years in a row I have brought cookies and cards on boss' day. (And no, it was not called Shitty Boss' Day which would have been a more appropriate celebration.)

So, shitty bosses, no more fucking cookies for you!

I will eat all the best intentioned cookies that I was planning on making for you. And thankfully rage calories do not stick to your ass as they get burned immediately by the hate fire within.

So to summarize: Work, you fucking suck. Bosses you fucking double suck.

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